Reflect With Me

    The Bucket List

    I’m in a place where I really want to live and enjoy life to the fullest in the most lavish way while crossing things off my bucket list. I recently sat down and thought through what I want to accomplish in the near future and long term. This bucket list will be ongoing and constantly being updated but hers what I have on my bucket list for now…

    • Travel to Australia, South Africa, and South America
    • Solo travel to another country
    • Take a road trip across the United States
    • Visit California (again)
    • Travel to all 50 states (24/50)
    • See Niagra Falls
    • Go to Afro-Punk  in the US or South Africa
    • Go to Canada
    • Attend a carnival
    • Volunteer abroad
    • Two collaborations per month
    • 2 blog post per week
    • Monetize my blog
    • Hit 2k in followers on IG by 7/20
    • Attend a blog/entrepreneur conference
    • Start a YouTube channel
    • Post on YouTube once per week
    • Meet a blogging friend in real life
    • Blog consistently for 1 year
    • Create a media kit for the blog
    • Host 2 events per quarter
    • Post once per day for a whole month
    • Work with 5 companies by 7/20
    • Create some blog-specific hashtags
    • Keep track of my budget
    • Invest MORE
    • Save more towards entrepreneurship
    • Go back to school by 2020
    • Continue professional development
    • Buy a house
    • Pay it forward
    • Have a picnic in a park
    • Host a holiday gala
    • Plan a group trip via my blog
    • Perform at an open mic event
    • Host a crawfish boil
    • Get two more tattoos
    • Crowd surf
    • Write a letter to my future (married with kids) self
    • Mentor a teenage girl
    • Crash a wedding
    • Send out Christmas cards (blog)
    • Fly first class out of the country
    • Continue to grow in my faith and my relationship with God.
    • Walk in my purpose

    • Take a writing class
    • Take a photography or graphic design class
    • Learn how to drive a stick shift
    • Learn how to braid my own hair
    • Increase my poker game
    • Bunjee Jump
    • Sky Dive
    • Mud Run
    • Girls Road Trip
    • Be an audience member of a TV show
    • Try yoga
    • Go to a spin class
    • Run/walk a 5K for a cause
    • Go to the gym consistently for 3 months
    • Drink more water!
    • Meditate
    • International trip with Arrington
    • Participate in a “love journal” or book
    • Get married to my best friend, Arrington
    • Destination wedding or elope
    • Give birth to a healthy girl and boy in the next 2 to 3 years
    Now that I have shared my list, it’s your turn!  DO YOU HAVE A BUCKET LIST? WHAT ARE SOME THINGS THAT ARE ON IT?