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THIRTY-FIVE! Wow, I CAN NOT believe it…it is you! LOL No, but seriously I remember when 35 seemed so freaking far away, man! I don’t care what anyone says, being thirty plus is LIT! Think about it…you have learned ALL the tough lessons through the mistakes you made in your twenties.

Usually, by now, you recognize your gifts, purpose, you know what you want AND how to get it!

Now, I will admit I do miss my twenty-year-old knees from time to time, but hey it is what it is lol!

On a serious note…

I’m truly grateful for every win and every loss. Without them, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I’m thankful to FINALLY know myself.
That’s the BEST gift you can give yourself…

Speaking of gifts…

The greatest gift to me from you would be for you to read this post and feel empowered to live in YOUR moment! Go walk in your truth… that’s it and that is all!

Special thank you to…

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Until next time, I’m manifesting luv, enjoy.

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