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Saturday night, I had the honor of attending the Local Love Awards in benefit of Lady Jade’s foundation Project 16 with a group of talented, educated, and beautiful women!

This is EXACTLY how it’s supposed to be! WOMEN uplifting WOMEN…US supporting US!

There were so many great moments throughout the night, but my top four are in no particular order…

Hearing the story of Tonya Stafford a SURVIVOR and ADVOCATE of human trafficking. Her foundation won “Non-Profit of the Year”. We were blessed to have the opportunity to hear more about her story and vision after the Local Love Awards ceremony.

My girl, Jamie Dionne taking home “MUA of the Year” for SECOND year in a row! She is truly talented and dynamic soul that is upper supportive.

When Brandon Bufford won “Entrepreneur of the Year” and he gave his wife the award of “Wife of the Year” I was too done! Seeing a man of God honor his wife in such a way inspired me and I hope it inspired other men and women as well.

We were taking our final group picture of the night and we hear someone yelling “Wait … don’t move…” We turned to see Lady Jade with a slight jog/brisk walk coming towards us wanting to get a picture of us. She was so freaking complimentary and thanked us for attending. I just love how that made all of us feel.   

This night was filled with excellence, positivity, and so much love. The energy was EVERYTHING. I left feeling inspired, thankful, and humbled. I saw women complimenting one another, adjusting CROWNS, taking pictures, smiling, living in the moment of excellence. It was so AMAZING! I took some time to really reflect on this night and realized I have to do more, PERIOD. Keep an eye out for the opportunity to serve our community with me.

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