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How many times have you said “I was intending on… but…” or “I’m sorry, my intentions were to …” Now, be honest, does this sound like you? I know I’m totally guilty of setting goals in my mind with NO ACTION. Like, sis how can you accomplish your goals without taking any steps towards any actions or results? Listen, intentions mean nothing without actions! I’m making a vow to myself to continue to DO NOTHING WITHOUT INTENTION!

Here are some of the effects of NOT “doing nothing without intention” that I have personally done, been part of, or witnessed. I am certain that you will be able to relate to them as well!

  • Business – Daily there are multiple businesses (small to large) that close due to people with good intentions and absolutely no actions. When you have a business plan or model that is not being followed…you will not be successful, period. Intentions don’t pay off, actions do!
  • Relationships – CHILE! Think about how many relationships could have been salvaged if just one of the two involved would have put some real actions behind their intentions! Amongst my many circles of friends, I have heard complaints that often end with, “I intended to talk to them” or “My intentions were to make time for them” People, that relationship did not develop on intentions, it was built on pure actions. We have all heard that saying “ do what you did in the beginning”, right? The only thing that makes relationships work is actions.
  • Self – This is the one area that hits home hardest for me. We don’t become slimmer or more healthy by intending to eat better or intending to work out! I’m so guilty of this, so note to self lol! We do not become more positive by intending to live a positive life. We will never grow personally or spiritually with intentions as our sole plan.

We must do nothing without intention and here’s my guide on how to start:

  1. The next time that you begin to give yourself the “out” of intentions, stop yourself and quickly get an action plan to go by. When you start holding yourself accountable, you will set the example for others as well.
  2. Write out your goals and think about exactly what you want to accomplish and how you plan on getting there.
  3. Get a friend that can do both, sis! Find yourself a “goal friend” or “accountability partner” and set up a weekly check-in either a meeting or phone call. Spend time and do the work together.
  4. Be sure to set a deadline for yourself to accomplish this goal. Also, be realistic with yourself and if you get off track don’t get discouraged!

In closing, remember, intentions never change anything. Go live your best life, take risks, have fun, laugh, spread your light, never allow yourself to give up, and DO NOTHING WITHOUT INTENTION!

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Did you find this guide helpful? I’d love to hear from you, comment below or send me an email by clicking the “Chat With Me” tab under “About Me”.
Until next time, I’m manifesting luv, enjoy.

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