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I’m in a place where I really want to live and enjoy life to the fullest in the most lavish way while crossing things off my bucket list. I recently sat down and thought through what I want to accomplish in the near future and long term. This bucket list will be ongoing and constantly being updated but hers what I have on my bucket list for now…

  • Travel to Australia, South Africa, and South America
  • Solo travel to another country
  • Take a road trip across the United States
  • Visit California (again)
  • Travel to all 50 states (24/50)
  • See Niagra Falls
  • Go to Afro-Punk  in the US or South Africa
  • Go to Canada
  • Attend a carnival
  • Volunteer abroad
  • Two collaborations per month
  • 2 blog post per week
  • Monetize my blog
  • Hit 2k in followers on IG by 7/20
  • Attend a blog/entrepreneur conference
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Post on YouTube once per week
  • Meet a blogging friend in real life
  • Blog consistently for 1 year
  • Create a media kit for the blog
  • Host 2 events per quarter
  • Post once per day for a whole month
  • Work with 5 companies by 7/20
  • Create some blog-specific hashtags
  • Keep track of my budget
  • Invest MORE
  • Save more towards entrepreneurship
  • Go back to school by 2020
  • Continue professional development
  • Buy a house
  • Pay it forward
  • Have a picnic in a park
  • Host a holiday gala
  • Plan a group trip via my blog
  • Perform at an open mic event
  • Host a crawfish boil
  • Get two more tattoos
  • Crowd surf
  • Write a letter to my future (married with kids) self
  • Mentor a teenage girl
  • Crash a wedding
  • Send out Christmas cards (blog)
  • Fly first class out of the country
  • Continue to grow in my faith and my relationship with God.
  • Walk in my purpose

  • Take a writing class
  • Take a photography or graphic design class
  • Learn how to drive a stick shift
  • Learn how to braid my own hair
  • Increase my poker game
  • Bunjee Jump
  • Sky Dive
  • Mud Run
  • Girls Road Trip
  • Be an audience member of a TV show
  • Try yoga
  • Go to a spin class
  • Run/walk a 5K for a cause
  • Go to the gym consistently for 3 months
  • Drink more water!
  • Meditate
  • International trip with Arrington
  • Participate in a “love journal” or book
  • Get married to my best friend, Arrington
  • Destination wedding or elope
  • Give birth to a healthy girl and boy in the next 2 to 3 years

Now that I have shared my list, it’s your turn!  Do you have a bucket list? I’d love to hear from you, comment below or send me an email by clicking the “Chat With Me” tab under “About Me”.
Until next time, I’m manifesting luv, enjoy.

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  • Reply Alisa Harrison

    Hey lady. I just read your post and I’m amazed at how many goals we have in common. First, you will LOVE AfroPunk! Try the original location in Brooklyn and while you’re there, roam around Harlem and the East Village. For Canada, Banff National Park is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post about goals and living your best life. Sending positive vibes your way lady.

    April 30, 2019 at 1:56 PM
    • Reply lavishlyloren

      That is so awesome! I really appreciate you taking out time to read my blog. Afro-Punk is on my list for 2019 for sure. Thanks for your love and encouragement!

      April 30, 2019 at 3:34 PM

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