Reflect With Me


Are you genuinely uplifting other women or are you low key tearing them down? 

* If you are tearing other women down, then I strongly urge you to self reflect and figure out why.

If you aren’t uplifting then you are NOT a hot girl, sis! That’s NOT real hot girl behavior. Now that I have your attention! Ladies, we have to stop this petty movement where we fake cheer for each other but we’re secretly plotting to destroy, attacking other women’s chance at peace, or just simply being envious because is just draining to witness. We have to do better at lifting each other up. When you truly truly truly love yourself, you move differently. You want everyone around you to feel love, be uplifted, empowered and at peace. No matter what the circumstances are, I want EVERY woman in OR out of my life to win, period! We live in a society that is low key built to tear us down, so why contribute? Let’s move differently.

Are you practicing self-love and self-care?

*I recommend you take out time do so if you are not already.

It’s ok if the answer is no. We all struggle with the balance of juggling life, social relationships, and our 9-5. Take out time love yourself. Self-love and care can be done through mani & pedi time, massages, facials, relaxing by the pool, reading a book, or simply being still in your own silence. You determine how you love and care for you, not society.

Are you living your life for you or other people?

I’ve been guilty of this and I have struggled with this for YEARS, like decades if I’m being really real. I would live in a state of constant doubt and worry myself silly about how I was perceived. Do I look ghetto, do my co-workers perceive me as articulate, is my weave too long, what will people think of me if I do XYZ. Chile, that got old and exhausting. I do have an occasional moment where I backslide but then I talk myself right out of that by reminding myself that I have to love myself and know myself.

Are you confident? 

* It’s ok if you struggle here, we all do.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t love the skin you’re in because of your race, gender, sexual preference, complexion, weight, shape, size, hair, or any other silly things people come up with to be destructive to your confidence. Do what makes you feel confident, period. Now, that’s what a real hot girl would do.

Do you take out time to have fun?

When I say fun, I don’t necessarily mean fun by social norms. I mean your definition of fun. Whether it’s going to a day party but back home and in bed by 10 pm, brunch with friends, or going to an art show. Whatever you deem fun, DO IT and do it well! See what I did there?

Now that I got ALL of that off my chest, we can move on. I’ve created a fun little quiz for you to take. This is the ultimate way to see if you are a real hot girl or just trying to be on-trend. Click the picture below to take the quiz!

Until next time, I’m Manifesting Luv, Enjoy!

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