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I know you’re probably wondering where is Lavishly Loren? Sis is here and I am sis. I have been on my glow up to grow up journey all 2019 but needed to unplug from social media for a bit. It was time to practice what I preach and indulge in some self-care. I was feeling overwhelmed with work, blogging, AND styling. You guessed it, I was experiencing burnout. Chile, I needed to take a break and reflect.

What Did I Do?


Vegas baby!

First things first, my baecay was amazing and much needed. We had so much fun being silly, people watching, playing, eating, drinking, and just riding the wave of this relationship. Remind me to tell yall how we went to Vegas with airfare, food, hotel, and additional activities for under $500 TOTAL, not per person, but TOTAL. My man is the plug, ok?

The matching shirts were NOT planned, total coincidence.

Now let me say this, he has really aided my frugal journey in so many ways from grocery shopping, travel, and beyond. I think I’ll keep him around FOREVER lol. Seriously, he has been a big part of my new journey of growth. He holds me accountable, motivates me, keeps it TOO real sometimes, but its all love and I couldn’t be more blessed. Being open to love again has been amazing and I couldn’t have trusted my heart with a better person. We love, we grow, and we live!


Self-care at it’s finest…

Ok, so yall know my IG Bestie Tiffany came back into town and hosted her phenomenal PODS & PR event. It was EVERYTHING. I know, I was selfish and I didn’t really take any pictures of this dope event this go around. I simply wanted to just BE IN THE MOMENT and what a moment it was.

Time to get real…

Now, let me be all the way real for a second. Can I just say how much I admire my IG bestie? Like, for real. She hosted her event at my apartment’s clubhouse and I failed to provide full details on parking and how to actually get to the location of the clubhouse. Yeah, I know I’m human but this also shows how bad I needed a break.

I can’t wait to say “I knew her when…”

By the way, she flew in from Florida to host this. So imagine all of her guest walking aimlessly in the Texas heat trying to locate the event. I know I was just hot walking from point A to B, so I know they were SUPER hot. I felt so bad and I just knew she would be annoyed with me or the circumstances.

When I went over to aplogize she wasn’t even bothered by it and literally told me “things happen and that’s just life”. I stood in low key shock and amazement. It really showed me how much work I still have to do on myself because that would have honestly disrupted my whole mood.

Looking inward…

I admire that level of understanding and I would like to embody that in my everyday life and being. In that exact moment, I started looking inward and realized I have come so far but still have some ways to go. God has a real unique way of showing you what you prayed to be revealed. Funny how God works, right?

Now on to the event…

The event always starts with everyone introducing themselves. It is so inspiring to hear other women being true and honest in a room full of strangers or people they are just acquainted with. I truly admire women who can be transparent and fearlessly honest in their truth, even if the truth is not very “flattering”.

When the growth is real…

That is a level of growth that many of us have not mastered yet. I know you’re probably thinking that it is called “oversharing” but when you share things that are considered “taboo” to share with people you don’t know, you really encourage others to be honest with themselves and grow to another level. That’s what I love most about Pods & PR, it’s genuinely a safe place and low key like group therapy in a sense. It’s a place where we can hold our sisters accountable to be intentional but not judgmental.

Look at God work…

We were blessed with a whole prayer from a beautiful young lady. She literally prayed over Tiffany and I felt GOD working through everyone in attendance. There were so many genuine connections being made in every segment of the event, but God REALLY showed up after the prayer.

Get into it…

If you have the opportunity to attend one of her events, I highly recommend you do so. She is currently in Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami. If you can’t make it to one of those cities, don’t worry she has her own podcast, so there’s a lot of her to go around.

The takeaways…

Some of my biggest takeaways would be to remember to stay true to me, but still be ok to step out of my comfort zone. If you are compfortable you are not growing. One thing that Tiffany said that really resonated with me is “talking” about doing all these things to advance personally or professionally. You have to ask yourself, “But did you grow?” I’ve always struggled with being patient with people and circumstances but let me tell you I have been TESTED and shown this time and time by various people in my life. Life is short and it is not promised. We often let the smallest things get us all riled up and they are so small compared to the big picture.

What are you growing to do? Have you asked yourself how you can grow, lately? I’d love to hear from you, comment below or send me an email by clicking the “Chat With Me” tab under “About Me”. Until next time, I’m manifesting luv, enjoy.

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  • Reply Tiffany Ellis

    Loren…I’m in awe of your kindness. To write such a heartfelt article about my event is beyond touching. This is a vision God has given me and honestly, it’s you ladies who make the event special. I just send out the invitations and coordinate the event, lol. I am grateful you see ME. Bigger than that, I thank God he allowed us to connect before I left. I keep saying he saved all the amazing women in Dallas for the last few months of my stay there and I feel he did that because he knew if I had met you all I wouldn’t have been praying to leave and I have an assignment here in Tampa.

    You must know, I can’t wait until celebrity stylist Loren Sanders can style me for all my events when I make it to where He’s sending me. You are super FLY! I love EVERYTHING about you, especially that beautiful heart of yours. Here’s to a blossoming friendship, sis.


    September 5, 2019 at 2:10 PM
    • Reply lavishlyloren

      Awww you are so welcome! Yass, I claim it and receive it!

      September 18, 2019 at 10:33 PM

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