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Today’s blog post is about helping my slay squad with looks that are slim & slay. Let me start with this, wear all things with confidence and don’t allow anyone to body shame you, PERIOD! My slim & slay guide is geared towards girls that are either curvy or not quite skinny, but not quite “curvy”. Slim thick, low key curvy, or all of the above? This is for you, luv!

Slay Note: Don’t forget to SLAY RESPONSIBLY!

I love ruffles and ruffles love me…

Believe it or not, ruffles are our friend ladies! Ruffles take away focus on the area of “concern” and let’s just be real they are great for a fun flirty look. Allow me to reminisce and take it back because my fascination with ruffles started at a young age. My mom would always dress me in MULTIPLE layers of ruffle socks and frilly ruffle dresses every Sunday and on Easter, she would add a ruffle hat or bonnet. So southern, right? I was made for the ruffle slay!

Slay Note: For those that like to push the envelope, you can add an oversized sweater in place of the crop top( the same color as the darkest layer) to take this look from summer to fall.

Shawty swing my way…

Now, any dress that will balance the upper body and fill in your hips is a win! If it has a funky pattern or ruffles, it automatically gives you the highest level of slay! A-lines and lower waistlines are super flattering. Generally speaking, dresses that slightly flare out are ideal for us because they help balance out the top and bottom. Especially for those that have broad shoulders( clears throat), like me!

Exhibit A:

For my fellow busty ladies, thick strap dresses with ruching/ draping, and V-necks will all help play up those curvalicious curves on your body as well as make your bust look higher in a very flattering way! For those that want to give your body a more feminine shape, you can opt for a cinched midsection or add a waist belt. Your choice, luv!

Exhibit B
Slay Notes: 1. You could easily turn both looks into a casual summer/fall look by simply adding chucks and a denim jacket around the waist. 2. Add an oversized sweater and chucks to give it a more “artsy slay vibe”. 3. Add booties and a cute oversized fedora. 4. You can do all of the above in different variations.

Going with the flow…


Flowy maxi sundresses are the most universally flattering dress shape out there. The style of the dress creates a VERY forgiving silhouette! From slim thick or hourglass (and everything in between), this style looks good on everyone. Its slightly flared hemline balances out an apple shape and perfectly slims curvier hips for the pears and hourglass shapes out there. Looking to minimize your midsection or lower half? Welp, here you go! Shop both of these looks at Haven Giselle.

Slay Note: Add booties and a matching fedora hat to both looks to take them from summer/fall to a fall/winter look.

Skirt skirrrrrt…

High waist skirts are your best slay friend, luv! Embellishments such as “ruffles”, tulle, or any other volume-increasing details are super flattering. pops of color and or color blocking is also great for camouflaging those areas of “concern” .

Side Note: Transform this dressy look to a casual summer/fall look by simply adding chucks or booties.

Did you like this style guide? I’d love to hear from you, comment below or send me an email by clicking the “Chat With Me” tab under “About Me”. Until next time, I’m manifesting luv, enjoy.

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