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Do you struggle with making your bootie pop?

Well, struggle no more. I’ve put together a little style guide that’s perfect for all types of styles and will help make your bootie pop. in other words, I’m going to show you how to style your boots! We all love a good bootie, but sometimes we struggle with how to pair them. I’m here to tell you that it is not always about how cute the bootie is but how you style them to make them really pop.

Don’t let what you see on the runway or other fashion trendsetter platforms fool you. Fashion is about what fits YOUR body and lifestyle. For example, an ankle bootie with cropped bottoms or pants is not best for ladies who have shapely calves or very thin legs. All it does, is add extra “bulk” to your legs, take off some of your height, and emphasize how small your legs are for my ladies with thin or small legs.

Alexa play “Thank me now” by Drake.

So what should you wear with booties to make your bootie pop? My fashion motto is “I do what I want” but here’s a guide for the ladies who need a few tips on how to style your boots.

1. Skirrrt Skirrrt

Whether they’re flat or heeled, ankle booties and long skirts or maxi skirts are for all body types. They are a classic go-to look for fall and it is fail-proof. Now, short skirts can be a tad bit more challenging to pull off depending on your leg type. See the previous example in paragraph two. This look can be worn with ankle boots, over the knee boots, or mid boots. Your choice, ladies!

DISCLAIMER: This rule applies to dresses too.

2. The best pants for bootie poppin’

Ankle booties work with any kind of pants, expect cropped pants. If you want to tuck your pants into your booties, they REALLY need to be tight pants or a skinny leg fit. Wide-legged or regular fit pants tucked into short boots are not the move, sis. Please don’t do it. Leggings and tights are always a hard yes. If you chose to wear them with an ankle bootie and you don’t like your ankle to show, you can always wear stirrup pants or leggings.

3. Who wears short shorts

You can wear just about any type of bootie with shorts, except for ankle booties. Those are a BIG NO. However, if you like to have a sporty look, you can pair boots with biking shorts. If you like a traditional country chic look, pair then with denim shorts. You can also add some leather to your denim shorts to give you an edgy look too. Style is so interchangeable.


Try to pair statement booties with a solid colored bottom.

Did you find this guide helpful? I’d love to hear from you, comment below or send me an email by clicking the “Chat With Me” tab under “About Me”.
Until next time, I’m manifesting luv, enjoy.

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